2015 NYS Kairos Committee Chairman: Tom Peryea

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Mission Statement:

The mission of the Kairos Prison Ministry is to bring Christ's love and forgiveness to all incarcerated individuals, their families and those who work with them, and to assist in the transition of becoming a productive citizen.

To make a donation to the NYS Kairos Committee via the U.S. Mail, please send to:

Kairos of NY
PO Box 950
Saugerties, NY 12477-950

Checks should be made payable to: Kairos Prison Ministry International, Inc.

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The 3 Kairos Programs:

I. Kairos Inside: Kairos Programs for Incarcerated Men and Women.


There are currently nine correctional facilities in New York State that Kairos services. Albion is the only womens' correctional facility that Kairos services in NYS. Clinton, Coxsackie, Fishkill, Greene, Gouverneur, Otisville, Shawangunk, and Wende are mens' correctional facilities that Kairos services.

Well-organized and well-trained volunteer teams of men and women from the communities surrounding an institution present an introductory 3-day weekend, described as a short course in Christianity. This inter-denominational team of volunteers — both clergy and laypersons — works in cooperation with the Chaplain who carefully selects up to 42 inmate leaders to attend. A well-organized follow up program is part of this ministry.

II. Kairos Outside: A support weekend for women who have a relative or friend who is, or has been, incarcerated.


There are now three Kairos Outside communities in New York State. They are KO Finger Lakes, KO Mid-Hudson, and KO New Yok City.

Kairos outside is designed to support the families of men and women who are, or have been incarcerated in the country’s state and federal correctional facilities, as well as county jails and our offender programs. The spouses, parents, other relatives and friends of the incarcerated often “do time” right along with their relatives or friends. It is important for them to know that they are not alone and that there is a Christian Community that cares about them. This support is provided in a safe environment with Christian people during a Kairos Outside Weekend. During this Weekend, the Guests will have a chance to interact with other women who are in similar situations and learn how to form small groups of support thereby giving them strength in their life journey. The Purpose of Kairos Outside is to demonstrate God’s grace and love through Christian support for women who have relatives or friends who are or who have been incarcerated.

III. Kairos Torch: Torch is an introductory two-day program for youth ages 24 and under who live in juvenile detention or correctional facilities.


The weekend is a combined effort of an ecumenical, Torch Team to introduce young men and women to Christian concepts as a means of making better choices for their lives. The initial weekend is followed with an established mentoring program that involves one on one mentoring sessions. The Torch program is designed to encourage the participants to remove their masks and develop a mature means of making better choices thus building their self-esteem. Making better choices will give the participant a hope for a life not affiliated with gangs and crime.

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My Kairos

by Jack Kapanka

You don't know me
But I bet you think you do
If you did
Then you'd see that I'm like you
I've made mistakes
Now I pray the things I've done
To be forgiven
By God and His great Son
As I search for my salvation
I surrender to my Lord
Every breath I have inside me
And all I can afford
When my heart feels empty
I have faith that He will fill
Every void there is within me
I believe that is His will

This is my Kairos
It's my special time with God
This is my Kairos
I know some day I'll get the nod
To enter heaven
Where I'll bask within His love
This is my Kairos

Try to believe me
That my faith it gives me worth
He will absolve me
Of all my actions here on earth
I am regretful
For the many things I've done
But honestly there's none
No, I don't deserve His graces
So I thought back when I fell
Till He taught me through His actions
How to leave the gates of hell
I was trapped within my sorrow
I was way too blind to see
With pride He gave his only Son
To live and die for me

This is my Kairos
It's my special time with God
I know some day I'll get the nod
To enter heaven
Where I'll bask within His light
This is my Kairos

(Repeat Chorus)